Choosing a Destination Wedding – What to Look For

Destination weddings have a romantic, magical allure that the entire wedding party is sure to enjoy. After all, what could be more romantic and fun than a destination wedding right next to a pink sandy beach? The party begins just seconds after the wedding.

There is something bewitching about getting married away from your home town. But before you start to research weekend wedding locations for a destination wedding or commit to a deposit, it’s a good idea to weigh all of the factors.

Travel agents tell us that destination weddings have grown in popularity at an amazing rate. The majority of weekend Weddings are fairly small with a couple of people invited up to twenty. Larger destination weddings are currently on the rise due to families and friends traveling together.

Hawaii remains the number one spot, with Jamaica, Las Vegas, Mexico, Disneyworld and the Bahamas also being favorites. Resort Weddings at these locations usually proves to be cost effective.
Most brides are known to think that you spend all that money and planning for one day with a traditional wedding and it’s over so fast you don’t get to talk to everyone.

A destination wedding is an opportunity for friends and family to spend quality time with each other. As soon as the guests arrive, a cocktail party is a good way for everyone to get to know each other before the wedding takes place.

Prices for destination weddings can vary greatly, from free to thousands of dollars. But most are in the $500 to $3,000 range.

There are a few things to remember when planning.

For instance, “different countries have different regulations for getting married. In Mexico, for example, you have to be in the country for four days before you can get married. And have a backup plan in case it rains. Most hotels will move you into a meeting room or ballroom in case of bad weather.

Have a Hurricane free Destination Wedding

The majority of weddings and honeymoons take place during the summer months. The temptation to head to the Caribbean for a destination wedding is always high. Unfortunately, June through November is also the peak season for hurricanes.

So what precautions can you take to ensure you can have a hurricane free wedding? There are always your basic Caribbean ABC’s which are Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao of the Dutch Antilles. These three islands are generally not considered to be located in the high risk hurricane zone. And here is an additional hot tip: There are great deals to be found during the summer months (low season).

You can find a week in Aruba from August 1 through October 30 for around $650 at some of the better hotels. This cost is per person and often includes air travel from some of the larger cities as an added perk.
Curacao offers European style architecture, beautiful beaches, good art and great food with packages for about the same price.

Also reasonably priced during the low season months, Bonaire offers an abundance of activities for all of the wedding destination guests such as a vibrant night life, world class restaurants and scuba diving. Biking and car rentals are available for spending time in the tranquil natural preservations areas for which Bonaire is known for.

The Island of Magrarita which is located off the coast of Venezuela is also extremely low hurricane risk for those seeking a great spot.

Airlines May Help With Destination Weddings

Check with different airlines to see if they are currently offering discounts for destination weddings. If you are taking 10 or more relatives and friends on a destination wedding trip, ask for a discount. 10 or more seems to be the magic number for getting 10% to 50% off on airline tickets for wedding parties. Many airlines offer special extras for the bride and groom such as upgrade coupons, discounts for car rentals, and free movies. Of course the complimentary glass of champagne is usually included if you tell the flight attendant you are off to a destination wedding

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