Top Ten Reasons Couples Choose Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are surging in popularity with today’s wedding couples. Is it the allure of the tropical islands? The excitement of a Las Vegas wedding? Here are the top ten reasons couples choose a destination wedding over a traditional wedding.

Some couples just aren’t into wedding planning. Destination weddings can be planned easily by booking the destination resort and working with the on site wedding coordinator. Your coordinator will arrange everything from your lodging, transportation, marriage licence, ceremony, flowers, music, reception and guest activities.

Second Marriages, couples want a meaningful wedding, but not all the hoopla that surrounded the first wedding. They also want to do things differently from the first wedding. They want the ceremony, but on a smaller scale.

Smaller intimate wedding. Not every couple wants a big wedding shindig. They want to have an intimate wedding surrounded by people who mean the most to them. Some people are really nervous about being the center of attention in a large crowd and this is the answer.

Blended families, many couples have children from previous relationships and it gets sticky in social situations. You have to deal with the former in laws and its not going to work on your wedding day. A destination wedding takes away the akwardness from the situation. A destination wedding is also a great place to bring the children being blended into the new family by having a family wedding ceremony.

The economy is a huge factor in the number of destination weddings. Big weddings are expensive, destination weddings are less expensive and just as meaningful and lovely.

Its always been a dream to elope. Some couples have always wanted to elope and come home married. Whether they head to Las Vegas or the Caribbean, its the romance of eloping and honeymooning at an exotic location.

Family problems can hit any family at any time. Disagreements over the wedding planning lead many couples to plan a destination wedding. Divorced parents, alcoholic relatives, family bickering, religious differences and head butting with parents over the wedding are all valid reasons couples choose to have a destination wedding.

Differences in religion or cultures. Some families give the wedding couple a lot of grief over the wedding plans. Religious differences and cultural differences are sometimes too difficult to overcome. One family insists on one thing, the other family vetoes the idea. If the couple has different religious beliefs or their beliefs differ from the way they are raised, it also causes problems.

The allure of the destination wedding location, whether its a Caribbean island, mountain resort or the glamor of Las Vegas. Some couples get engaged on vacation and want to marry at the site of the proposal. Some people are beach people and have always dreamed of marrying on the beach.

You are automatically on your honeymoon! Say I Do, celebrate at your reception and you are on your honeymoon! There is no packing and traveling after the wedding. You’ve done your traveling, you’ve done your packing, its time to relax and enjoy.

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Destination Weddings You Can Afford

It’s wedding season and with the economy in a slump it’s hard to justify spending a large amount of money on an elaborate ceremony. The best option for many engaged couples is finding affordable destination weddings that offer everything a traditional wedding does, but at a far off, tropical location.

People save for many years to be able to afford the wedding of their dreams. Nowadays, it’s hard to even find a local venue to host your wedding on the day you choose. Some places are reserved for years in advance and due to their popularity, cost a fortune. All for the same old wedding in the same old place that everyone else has been to.

Couples are taking a different route these days by choosing destination weddings that are far from ordinary. These weddings are beautiful ceremonies that include everything that your local wedding would include and much more.

The main appeal of a destination wedding is the affordability. The price of a wedding is largely determined by the number of people who will attend. By choosing wedding destinations that take a little more effort to get to, it will cut down the number of people attending by more than half. It’s simply more difficult for everyone to adjust their schedules around a wedding that is away from home.

With this reduction in the number of attendees comes the reduction in food and beverage costs, which are known to be very expensive. And even though there will be a lot of people missing that you would have hoped were there, you know your close family and friends will go anywhere they need to be to make sure they are part of your special day.

Another main area of savings with affordable destination weddings are the money you will save for a wedding planner and photographer. A wedding planner can cost thousands of dollars, but destination wedding packages will have everything included that a wedding planner would normally take care of. Food, flowers and the reception will be of the highest quality and will cost much less in places like Thailand or Jamaica.

A wedding photographer is a must have at any wedding. They are a professional service and can be quite expensive. This is yet another expense that you won’t have to worry about when taking your wedding abroad.

With any destination wedding package there will be a destination wedding photographer included in the price. This will be a local photographer that is highly skilled and will have a lot of experience shooting weddings. They will provide you with enough photos for you and your family to enjoy, a wedding album of the best pictures and a copy of the negatives for you make as many duplicates as you choose.

It’s not hard to find affordable destination weddings that well exceed expectations. With so many different locations to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the place that is perfect for you. Take the time and work with a travel expert that has put together an amazing destination wedding package that matches your style. It’s an easy process that will save you a lot of money during these hard times.

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